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Recruitment Augmentation

Many enterprises have existing in-house HR and recruitment expertise. However, quite often these enterprises still need assistance from third-party recruitment firms for a number of reasons:
  • To acquire difficult-to-find candidates for tough searches.
  • The need to use a third party to headhunt directly into a competitor.
  • Lack of time to allocate to recruitment on a consistent basis which is letting good candidates slip by.
  • Augment existing team to cover a leave of absence (i.e. maternity or parental leave, sabbatical, etc.).
  • Augment existing team for a short or medium term project for large volume recruitment needs.
  • Create a new, sophisticated, rigorous and systematic Recruitment Process.
  • You've outgrown what has worked well for you in the past and you need to explore new ways to recruit better and spend less.
Our flexible, customized solutions can be tailored to your existing recruitment process. Many of our clients have us working onsite, side-by-side with their existing HR and recruitment teams.
Best of all, our clients typically save about 25% over existing recruitment costs.